Steven D. Trinkaus, PE is the principal engineer for Trinkaus Engineering, LLC. Mr. Trinkaus has over 32 years in the land development field. Mr. Trinkaus has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from the University of New Hampshire (1980). He has been a licensed professional engineer in the State of Connecticut since 1988 and his business, Trinkaus Engineering, LLC has been licensed as a Professional Engineering Corporation since 2002.

Mr. Trinkaus performs all of the engineering work for Trinkaus Engineering, LLC. When working with other consultants, Mr. Trinkaus coordinates the work being performed to ensure that the project is delivered to the client in a timely fashion. Throughout the 27 years that Mr. Trinkaus has practiced as a principal of Trinkaus Engineering, LLC in this field, he has consistently delivered projects in advance of an agreed upon due date. The work product is of the highest quality and is presented in a clear and concise format. Mr. Trinkaus takes significant pride in the quality of the plans that he produces and addresses all of the necessary regulatory requirements. He provides his services at an agreed upon price based upon a clearly defined scope of services with his clients so there are no surprises with increased costs during the project period. The highest level of service defines his practice.